Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Puppies!!!!

Some of the wonderful folks in our puppy raising club, with a new little puppy named Luna. Luna is so tiny! She is only 8 weeks old. I dont remember Dublin being that little.
Alex teaching Luna a little about the leash.
Isnt she just adorable! Look how little she is compared to Alexs shoe LOL
What makes puppies so darned adorable! Look at those feet! LOL
Little Emma with Luna asleep on her lap, arent they both adorable.
This is Popcorn, isnt that just the cutest name! She is a few weeks older than Luna, and what a difference! She is about 12 weeks old now. I love this next look that these Labs give their person.
She is so cute too! She reminds me of Dublin, she likes to use her paws a lot, and they have a similar look. LOL similar look, thats funny, you may think all yellow labs look alike! But untill you see 10 of them in the same room and see all the different looks to them....well you will have to take my word for it, they really look a lot different, like Josh the Red Lab LOL

This is Josh, he came on the puppy truck with Dublin and is a day older than Dublin. He is a gorgeous dark red for a Labrador.
And Mr. Dublin, he is getting so big! At his last vet check he was 52 lbs. He is 8 mo. old now. I cant believe we have had him for 6 months now! In this picture he is watching little Luna with much interest.

Dublin got to work with one of the new people that want to start raising puppies. Potential raisers have to attend meetings, do paperwork to sign up as raisers, attend a Guide Dogs Graduation, have a tour of the Guide Dogs campus, among many other things. They get to see and handle puppies at meetings, which are the first Thurs of the month a general meeting for everyone, and every two weeks meetings for little puppies usually 6 mos or under, but everyone is welcome. I took Dublin to this meeting because he is getting more dog distracted the older he gets, he is like a hormonal teenager right now, and I want to get him out and exposed a lot more. Monday he goes to the vet to get fixed, them maybe we can get ahold of his little mind a little bit better LOL
I finally remembered to take my camera to a meeting Yeay!!!!


  1. Oh my - could she be any CUTER??? Just beautiful!

  2. Those puppies are so adorable!!!

  3. I once had a female lab about the color of that dark red one Dublin. Just seeing his color reminded me of her. We called her Ruby. Cutie Puppies.

  4. OMGoodness! It doesn't get any cuter than that! Love your blog and I've added it to my blogroll on my blog "Thinking About It"!


  5. Aww, cute!!! Doug is gone on a long puppysit but I want to weigh him as soon as he gets back! He was I think 48 lbs last time I weighed him but that's been a few weeks.
    Do you know the parents of the new "L" puppy?


  6. Oh that little Luna is precious! I love puppies, but they are so much work.
    Sounds like even more work raising them for the program.
    I bet Dublin will be much improved after his neuter.
    We've already noticed a huge improvement with Zuni's wanderlust, selective hearing and stubbornness after she was spayed.



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