Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I think Meghan spoils Dublin, what do you think LOL, here they are sharing the giant beanbag chair on the floor. He only gets on it when she is there.

Dublin and I had a good walkabout today! We went to the Post Office, Hardware store, worked on stairs, lots of crossing the street, there are not a lot of curbs in the new renovation of downtown, we walked to the Library, walked to a friends place and talked with them for awhile, and met Meghan there lol, we then walked over to the Police station to see if Hubbys cousin was working, she was not, so we walked back to the car and came home. We walked a total of about 14 blocks around town, Dublin did very well, he still needs work on people and dog distractions, he is getting excited to meet people and dogs, so I am having to say no to folks that want to pet him, he thinks everyone wants to play with him, he is getting much better and will move on when I tell him "lets go". Now that he is older and doing much much better with relieving, we are going to start going out more, if it is just to walk around a block in town when we go.
New pictures from our outings on Thursday and Friday to come!


  1. I can't believe how BIG he is now!

  2. I LOVE the pics! I would love a yellow lab. My husband says "no, too big". Actually, what I REALLY want are TWO yellow labs, named "Emma" and "Daisy". He really said no to that idea. I love that you get to do this, but it must be so very hard when it comes time to give them up.



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