Friday, May 20, 2016

Mud Pinto, rhubarb jelly debacle....

Had three days off of work, in a row! Caught up on some things and finally got to make my rhubarb jelly. Yes rhubarb jelly! Wonderful tangy sweet jelly. So pretty in the jars! Alas I had to cook it twice, it didnt set up the first time, although it did when I did the freezer plate test! hmm So I ended up with one less jar. (well a quarter of a half pint that I stuck in the fridge to eat right away.
Anyway, I will have some on my toast in the morning! It is sooooo gooood!!! It took 4lbs of rhubarb! the whole plant, except for a few small ones that I left. Strawberry rhubarb, with the red stems. The bush/bulb/root? we have is pretty old, Hubbys parents planted it long before we got married (26 years next month) so it could be anywhere from 30-40+ years old! Hubbys parents built this house in 1966, and my Hubby was born in January '67. so he has pretty much been in this house all his life. If I want to do more, I will have to buy some.

On another note, I think Emma is trying to be a Pinto. She has been laying/rolling in the mud! It dries out here for a few days then it rains again. At least they are not in mud anymore.
 Easy (31) on the left and muddy Pinto Emma on the right. I did brush all the mud off of her tonight and put MTG on her tail head, as I noticed she had been rubbing a little. I re-fly sprayed her too. Those pesky black flies are making them miserable.
Easy and Mickey (26), a few minutes after the first pic, they are loving having some grass again, and Emma and Mickey are getting fat! Easy grazes a little, but she has little teeth left so her main diet is her Senior and beet pulp. Emma turned 16 this year! Wow time flies!!!

We have had visitors to our bird feeders! New ones we havnt noticed before, and some that have been around.  First our normal Finchs, House and Rose Finches galore around here! LOL
 These are our newcomers! Evening Grosbeaks, we had two pairs today! They are common around here, but we havnt seen them here before.
 Both pairs, one on the squirrel feeder, with a female Goldfinch on the left and another finch in the back.
 This is a Eurasion Collard Dove, we have a pair of these nesting somewhere close.
We also have a pair of these Downey Woodpeckers too! They are so little!
Its fun to see what different birds come threw the valley and stop at our feeders.

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  1. We get lots of finches that are so fun to watch, & the hummingbirds just showed up today!


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