Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Stills....Summer

Hmm Summer, this is what really says that Summer is here to me. We used to go pick up hay in the field when I was a kid, just a little ways from our house. I first drove the truck pulling the hay for a friend, my first paid job LOL, when I was 13. Taking Meghan and her goofy friends, all young boys, to pick up hay out of the field when Meghan was about 13, never laughed so hard at the teenage antics LOL. The smell. The sight of the little bales laying in rows, the long days in 90 plus degree weather, making trip after trip to pick up the hay. Long sleeves and gloves. Stacking hay on the truck and trailer till you cant stack anymore.... ah the memories of summer.
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  1. Those are lovely memories. Every time I smell cut grass...

  2. Nice summer pic of the haying!And nice memories too!

  3. Just had our hay done...doesn't newly cut hay smell just wonderful?


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