Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vancouver, WA. Farmers Market....puppy outing

Dublin at the Farmers Market. Yes, he has a Halti on, he was being a little too distracted, with people and other dogs, so I asked our club leader for one. They are a wonderful training tool, and a gentle way to keep their attention.

This was why he was so distracted, it was very crowded and there were a lot of pet dogs there.

There wasnt any fast walking! For the most part people were good, but there are a few that have to pet every dog that goes by, the adults are worse than most of the kids! I always hear parents telling their kids they cant pet the dog, its a working dog. Thank you for educating your kids!!! Peoples dogs on those long retractable leashs are also a major obstacle, it amazes me that people dont realize what a pain that is, its almost as bad as a loose dog, sometimes worse.

There is a lot of neat stuff at the market, garden art, lots of food! Honey, jam, smoked meats, a Friend had a booth with all kinds of lamb, I got to taste some of the burger with garlic, blue cheese, cumin and salt and pepper, in it, YUM!!

This is Popcorn, she is changing raisers and going to our club leader, her currant raiser picks up a new puppy this afternoon and will give her to the club leader then. We had a bit of a training meeting with the pups, breakfast snacks were brought, then we walked through the market together. Another of our raisers, who at this time has a career changed pup, has a booth at the market, so we visited her. Her pup is going through training and evaluation for becoming a therapy dog for kids with cancer. Her business in called Woodin You check it out they have some really nice dog stuff!
A couple of cute long haired Daschunds. I really didnt take a lot of pictures, I was to occupied by getting Dublin through the crowds with minimal distress, for him and me LOL.

Dublin really wasnt happy to have a Halti on LOL, he was pouting, which translates to ears back and head down, he did good though and didnt try to rub it much. A Halti is really like a halter for dogs, like a halter you put on a horse. They are very humane and most dogs respond to them well. There is a safety strap that goes from the Halti to the collar, just in case they rub it off.
We had fun, I came home with Walla Walla onions, these are the best!!! Zucchini, cucumbers and some strawberry rhubarb jam. Cant wait to taste it! We most certainly are going back! I want some raw honey, and probably some more vegies too.


  1. What fun! I love the farmers market!I t wouldn't occur to me to take my dog though,I understand with Dublin , but all the pae dogs?

  2. Yeah FV I know what you mean, if it wasnt for socializing the Guide dog puppy, I wouldnt take a pet, it is very overwhelming for them.
    Plus it is really hard to shop and lead a dog at the same time.

  3. Such a terrific opportunity to train a guide dog with all the activity, strange scents, sights and sounds.

    But I agree, why are the regular folks bringing dogs as if it's a social play yard for dogs? I would think that's too chaotic, plus I wonder how many male dogs were trying to pee on the market booths and displays. lol!

    I was at a art show at a local park not long ago and there were quite a few dogs around. I was sitting on a short wall enjoying an ice cream just people watching and was shocked t see this lady chatting away with someone at a booth, while her dog stood there and peed on the legs of the booth and front wall/curtain of the display. ewww!
    How could she not see that and not discipline her dog?


  4. How interesting about the Halti..never heard of that before.

    Looks like a fun day at the market!

  5. That looks like a great and challenging training excercise. The farmers market looks like tons of fun. Our brokerage firms headquarters is in Vancouver. We've only gotten to drive by though. Never stopped. Not much truck parking on that side of the river that we can see.

  6. Such great experience for a puppy! That must be hard work - sounds like you had a fun day and love getting fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmer's market. Enjoy.

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