Thursday, July 8, 2010



  1. I have been trying to post this LOL and couldnt until I got my Blogger figued out and all the new buttons back! Finally!

    This is the Pacific ocean, just off the Highway at Depot Bay, Oregon.
    The camera didnt take good audio, it was really windy!

  2. How stunningly beautiful! I have to say, it doesn't look very warm though. How warm are the summer temps in Oregon?

  3. No It wasnt very warm that day, although it was warmer than it had been all Spring, around 62F. Well we get pretty hot here, the last couple days have been pushing 100F!
    Blech....We have gone from the 70's to the 100's in a matter of a week!!!! not too normal, we had a really late Summer this year and a l o n g WET Spring.


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