Friday, July 23, 2010

Camas Days....

Hubby and I went to the Camas Days festival, today. We walked through and seen the vendors and the Childrens Parade was going on. There were a lot of people! I loved this "Water Wagon" I thought it was pretty cool! There were barrels on both sides with water cups for free water.

It wasnt to hot today only around 83, Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be 93! I am glad we went on the first day. The big parade is on Sat., but Hubby has to work, and I wont have a car. We are dropping the truck off at Les Schwab in the morning to have some work done on it. Hubby wont be home until after 3pm.

The start of the Childrens Parade.

It was pretty busy, Dublin did wonderful, we received a free bottle of nice cold water from the lady at the Allstate booth. Downtown Camas is so pretty with all the trees and old buildings. It has character.

Dublin got his flower from the Lions club, to show support for our veterans, yes we donated!! The Lions do a lot of good work in our communities around here. Not to exciting of a day but we had fun, and Hubby got his Starbucks!!!


  1. Looks like a lovely time . And that Dublin is proving to be a great dog!

  2. FV, yes Dublin is a great pup, unless they find something medicaly wrong with him, I believe he will be a Guide! Sad to let him go, but he is destined to be someones eyes! such a nobel thing. And they live the life! Nothing is spared in their care! So he will be going to a good, if not better life! That said I would keep him if he doesnt make it for any reason :0)

  3. What a good boy Dublin is!

    I love a good parade!

  4. I love the work you do with the guide dogs, what a good way to give to back.

  5. Most folks would leave a dog at home for a parade and fair, but you just see it as an opportunity to broaden Dublin's world and train him for his future home helping someone see the world through his eyes.
    You are good people.

    The event looked like fun, too. So what did hubby choose from Starbucks? It was iced right?


  6. Lisa, Yeah, the dogs have to be confident in crowds, and stores and wherever someone would want to go.
    LOL Hubby got a Mint Mocha, not iced that morning LOL I am able to resist Starbucks LOL


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