Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Fourth, and Dublin LOL....

Saturday at the Fireworks booth, Dublin got to be our Ambassador with Logger, he is a career changed pup. He was career changed because of skin allergies. I love this look Dublin has LOL, Logger wouldnt look at the camera.

They were good dogs all day, loving the attention from all the kids.

We were pretty busy at times, word is that we made as much as last year, so that is good.

On Sunday we had a bonfire and small fireworks at home. Meghans boyfriend and his Mom and Dad and two sisters came over. Ricks brother and his wife were here and my Mom and Dad too.
We had good food, we made and BBQed shish-ka-bobs, yum! and we had potato salad, fruit salad and a good pineapple upside down cake that my Dad made.

Dublin doing his Chihuahua impression LOL.

I got a few pics of the fireworks, but not many.

And later in the evening, fireworks going on all around, it was Dublins bedtime LOL, he threw a fit when I put him in his crate so I brought his bed out by the fire. What does he do? He sleeps through the rest of the night LOL LOL
Our little Dublin was not scared of the fireworks one bit, he would just watch and pretty soon he got bored LOL He is going to be a good dog, and hopefully Guide. He is a great dog.


  1. Poor Logger , looks so worried! Dublin is a trooper!

  2. Logger looks distressed and worried. I know that becasue my lab has that same look !

    What a good boy Dublin is!

  3. LOL I think Logger was a little, his person was across the tent, and I was making him stay.


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