Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Flowers and silly me!

I have been growing this basket for four or five, years now! It finally is in its glory. It hangs down around 18 inches now. This flower is called Soapwart, it also is an herb, and a perennial. I first seen this when my Mom grew some, it took me awhile to find the seeds. I finally found them at Wilco Farm Store.
Teeny tiny pink flowers all over the plants! I think they are so cute!
 Whenever I have looked at this tree I see faces! LOL So now you really see a face! It is a work in progress, but I have a giant garden gnome!  I believe its a type of ornamental ceder commonly used in landscaping, but dont know the variety.

Kind of silly but fun!!

I have my garden planted. First time in years I have been able to get the garden in in April! I have my tomatoes in, corn is coming up, broccoli, cauliflower, Pole beans. I am trying some new ideas, for me, and doing a little buddy planting. Sunflowers in the corn, marigolds with the tomatoes. I am going to put some nasturtiums with my zucchini. We will see what happens!

I also have around 10 Dahlias up! Putting pet safe slug bait around them to keep the slugs from eating them until they get bigger. In the last picture you can see my Peonys they are about in mid bloom, the wind and rain the last few days has knocked off some of the blooms. 

Spring is here! 


  1. Beautiful flowers! I love spring :)

  2. I totally see the gnome face too! :)
    I love those pretty little flowers too. Look similar to some tiny purple ones I had in a hanging basket last year. They survived the winter and are blooming again. Not sure what they are.

  3. gorgeous, I don't dare plant just yet, Mother nature has a twisted sense of humor here


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