Friday, May 24, 2013

Wet around here

It has been a really wet week here. Good news is it caught us up on the rainfall for the year so far. Has been 2 1/4 inches of rain in the last 72 hours the weather forecaster said this morning.
Just ducky weather! As this big ol Mallard will attest too!
 Emma out in the field, not to far from the duck. Thank goodness the mares are back to normal again!
 I have about 14 Dahlias up! If they dont rot in this wet!
 A better pose from Mr. Mallard. He is huge, looks more like a Rouen duck, domestic Mallards. He sure is pretty though!
 He wasnt to far away from Emma. The pasture was a lake this morning, it rained hard all night long. At least it warmed back up to 60 today, not so miserable.

Hope its dry and Springlike in your neck of the woods, or desert or wherever you are! 


  1. Yeah, it's been pretty wet around here. We got spoiled with those couple weeks of dry, warm weather. Everything dried out and then bam! Rain again. So back to mud. But I think it won't be as wet this year as last year! Hopefully!

  2. we have rain today and its wet and glorious! we soo needed it

  3. It is pretty damp here too. But at least most of our animals can get out of the mud and we'll be turning others out to the summer meadow in a day or so.

  4. Nope...Our Neck Is In Water Too!


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