Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Excitement last night!

(obligatory cute puppy picture) LOL

We had a bit of excitement last night. Early in the afternoon the power went off for a couple of minutes, no biggy it came back on. We have been having a bad wind storm and some rain, just figured a tree fell against the lines. Around 9:00pm last night the power went off again. The power was flickering and I thought the light bulb under the stove hood was going out. I was getting ready to take the puppy out to potty. Then it went dark! LOL

Meghan and a friend, Kelby came up on the back deck, telling me to call 911 we were on fire WHAT!!!! No not the house, the power pole out front of the house had caught on fire! They had been out in the garage talking and watching TV.

I went out and turned off our main breakers to the house so we wouldnt have a power surge when or if the power came back on. Kelby called 911, and that was entertaining LOL he is a volunteer and paid fireman in the county, (He worked on the forest fire from my previous post) and he had to think about what phone number to call LOL uh what number is 911 LOL needless to say we gave him a bad time LOL. (He is used to using the private numbers for the 911 office)

A fire truck and two firemen came down, Kelby met them out at the road and they walked up our driveway and shined their flashlights on the pole, and said "well, since there is no fire, there is nothing we can do" "PUD has been called" and they headed on their way. I decided to call PUD just to make sure they were coming, glad I did because the dispatcher didnt know there are three houses on this transformer. She said someone was on the way.

About 10:50pm I called Hubby and told him the power was out and the transformer out front had blown! I caught him just as he got off swingshift at work.

I hung up talking to him, yes we still have a landline, as cell phones dont work down in the hole we are in, about this time we see the PUD truck go by, and Meghan runs down to the end of the drive with the flashlight and flags him down. He was checking poles along the road and this pole is down our driveway about 150 yards, we are a ways back off of the road. He comes in and setts up his truck and replaces some little doo hickey circuit breaker wire connector type thing LOL(like that LOL) and says the power is back on, about this time Hubby had pulled in the drive and Bro in law was out talking to the PUD guy and they asked me if me had power, duh, not until I turn the breakers back on LOL so I did and wahlah, the miracle of electricity! Comes back on!

It is about 11:30pm now, lights back on, Hubby is home from work, time to go to bed! LOL actually we were up 'till about midnight watching TV.

The puppy slept through the night for one of the first times too, and it was a short night for me LOL he went into his kennel at 10:30pm and woke up and a little after 6am. I hope he keeps this up now!!! I have been a bit sleep deprived, due to the little guy.

Thats the first time in the 43 years this house has been here something like that has happened! I hope it doesnt happen again!

Excitement over, nothing happened today really, I fixed the stall wall for now and since it wasnt raining hooked onto the bedsprings with the quad and drug the horse piles in the field, its supposed to stay wet here all week so its a good time to get it done. I also cleaned stalls and fed the mares a little early. The rain means I am feeding them inside now.

Thursday I have my MRI I had to reschedule so I wanted to get some stuff done before I am sitting around feeling crappy after anesthesia. It takes a day or two to get that out of your system.
So what kind of excitement have you all had?


  1. Hooray for sleeping through the night! I hope the trend continues.

    I hope things go well for you tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you!

  2. MRI went good, a few minor glitchs, now just have to wait for the results and schedule with the Neuro and oncologist.

  3. Yikes! That sounded scary. What a wild and windy night!
    I'm glad all worked out well in the end, though.

    Send some of that rain here. We are so dry!



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