Friday, October 23, 2009

Some architecture on Friday

I have to look up more when I am in town. This is from when we went to the Camas Days Parade this year. Downtown Camas Washington. Some of the old buildings are so pretty, the detail that they do not put into buildings these days. I love the relief designs on the facade of this building.

Some more detail on a building across the street. Very pretty. Is it to costly any more to make buildings pretty? And the next pictures are from across the pond.

The next pictures are taken by my daughter Sara in Iraq. She wanted me to ONLY post some of them on my blog, that said, these pictures are copyrighted by my daughter and I am posting them with permission, so here are a few for you to enjoy. This is the ceiling in the Al Faw Palace. Talk about intricate detail.

More ceiling detail in another room in Al Faw Palace. I love the colors here, the rich turquoise and subtle browns and greens.

A close up shows much more jewel tones, purples, pinks, greens, reds, beautiful detail.

And Al Faw Palace from the outside, I wonder if Hussein, appreciated the beauty of the place. I hope you enjoyed a little architecture today, from home and exotic locations.

And.... this last picture is where my daughter has to live for the six months she is in Iraq, on the left, fancy tents, at least they have air conditioning, which only works at night when the heat isnt to much for the air conditioners. When I talked to her on Wed. the temp was a cool 97 degrees!


  1. Beautiful! Such different textures and designs. What a great idea. How many things we must miss.

  2. Great photos! beautiful stuff~ Hope your daughter is doing well staying safe and as comfortable as possible


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