Saturday, October 17, 2009

Puppy Saturday

Dublin had to go to Gresham today for puppy evaluation day. The drive over to Oregon was miserable! It rained soooo hard, and its hard to drive in that much water, traffic slowed down to 30mph a couple of times because of downpours.

Guide Dogs had to cut down on their staff so the CFR's are stretched pretty thin with big areas to manage and can not get around to every puppy club to see and evaluate puppies. So they asked all of us in our club to go and meet our CFR (havnt figured out what that stands for yet LOL) and see how our puppies are doing. Happily Dublin is a confidant good little guy, we have been having some potty issues, but are working on that and will take a stool sample to the vet on Monday.

We went for a walk with the CFR and Mike our club leader and Dublin did wonderfully. He walked over grates in the sidewalk and manholes and stairs, all with good forward confidence, He did catch his reflection in windows every once and awhile and want to play with the other puppy! LOL But all in all for a 13 week old puppy, he isnt afraid of anything, and seems to take it all in stride. Now if we can only get his bowel problem figured out, loose stool and 1 or 3 am in his crate, is not fun, and most of the time it involves a mini bath for him too ((sigh))) But we are working on it, poor little guy doesnt mean too.

Dublin is only 13 weeks old, so he will grow and get better. The only other problem that might hold him back is a lower canine tooth that is growing in, so the tip hits his upper gums, we will watch and see what happens when he gets his adult teeth.

These puppies have to go through a pretty rigorous mental and physical evaluation and there are quite a few things that can cause them to be career changed, they dont fail, but get changed to another job or go to live with their original raiser or someone that wants to adopt.

I think Dubby is a little Rock Star!! LOL that is until I am cleaning up poop at 3am!! Gotta have a sense on humor!!


  1. What a good boy! I hope you get his digestive issue taken care of soon, they are no fun! CFR = Community Field Representative. Have fun with the confident little guy!

  2. Try rice pablum and low salt chicken stock, it is a dandy fix for sensitive puppy tummies .Winston had to have it on and off till he was 6 months or so nothing really wrong just a funny tummy

  3. Thanks so much for commenting on my hoofrecovery blog! I added a few more pictures to the last post just now.

    I just love your posts also! How wonderful about those pups! Dogs are so amazing and intelligent.

    Say, I own an Appy gelding now too. His name is Tank! He is built kind of like one.

    Take care and thank you again for taking the time to follow me.



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