Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wild Turkey....

Not the Wild Turkey that may have come to mind! LOL
On our drive on Sunday we did see some game, I spotted these in a field.
Headless birds! LOL they wouldnt pick up their heads.

Those arent Turkeys! LOL But they were in the same field.

Oh look one looked up!

I tried to zoom in to catch a better picture of them, but kept getting headless birds LOL

Oh finally, just a touch blurry but I caught one! We have Merriam's Turkeys around here, on the East side of the state anyway. We dont see Turkey very often on the west side, probably to wet. As Hubby said, they are not very pretty birds. I really want to try to hunt Turkeys.

Then we drove by this gorgeous barn.

And....see them?

There they are, another flock of Turkeys.

These ran from us, and stopped at the fence line.

One last one got left, boy did she book it to the rest of the flock LOL

Hope you enjoyed the Turkeys and the Fall colors.


  1. You're right...turkeys are pretty ugly birds, and I hear that the wild ones aren't that tasty either. But I've never tried a wild one. Definitely beautiful scenery!

  2. Turkeys and Fall go perfect together. Reminds me how close we are to Thanksgiving!

    When I worked as a Nanny for a family, the Dad would often go hunting for a week while the Mom worked as a Flight Attendant. The Dad would come home with all sorts of animals he had hunted and share them with me. He had a fridge modified to be a smoker and it made the most delicious turkey jerkey I've ever had. I'm salivating just thinking about it.
    And yeh, turkeys are rather ugly, but when the Dad would string up the turkey in his garage I couldn't help but admire the colorful and brilliant feathers they possess.


  3. Wow! That is a lot of Turkeys! We had pet Turkeys when I was really young. But I don't think we had them long. I have never seen wild Turkeys!
    Beautiful pictures!

  4. They are on the move to safety since it is hunting season and Thanksgiving coming soon!
    They are so fun to see in the wild aren't they and there were so many!

  5. I don't hunt, but those turkeys look delicious. We have a flock of quail inhabiting our yard and I always say, "Who wants quail for dinner?"

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