Saturday, October 3, 2009

My latest stupid moment....

Ok we have had this frost free faucet in the barn for years. This Summer I started filling the trough in the pen 1/2 way and leaving the hose in it so it was convenient to just turn it on to fill when I walked in the barn, feed then turn it off when I was done or the trough was full.
For weeks I couldnt figure out how Easy was drinking so much water, and then, no the trough has a hole in it somewhere. Yeah I know what your thinking LOL it wasnt until I put the hose in a regular bucket and the bucket was empty an hour later....hmmm duh moment LOL Now this was a matter of a couple of months to figure this one out LOL

These faucets are made to drain back down and out a hole in the bottom of the pipe after you turn them off. They siphon back, so all this time I thought the trough had a hole in it the faucet was just sucking the water back out and into the ground duh! LOL At least I finally figured it out! My laziness caused me to think I had a problem I didnt have, the trough is just fine, now I pull the hose out of it after its filled and.... go figure no problem with it holding water. LOL Easy was probably wondering who was drinking her water too!

So has anyone else done something silly like this? LOL Or do you want to admit it? LOL LOL At least we have a good well and the water wasnt running. When I told Hubby about it he just shook his head and laughed at me. So that was my recent duh, moment, uh or stupid moment however you want to put it. So the moral of this story? Dont leave the hose in the trough when you have a frost free faucet!


  1. I don't think I would have figured that one out myself either. I have duh moments every day.

  2. That's funny, Jane! So glad I'm not the only one who does dumb things like that. The last time I had a duh moment, I got kicked. o_O

  3. lol! I've done that...and...I've also done a very bad thing with our frost-free faucet, too. Kept the hose attached to it during below zero temps! gah!
    Cost us over $200 to get the pipes replaced after they burst under the ground!
    But that was not the worst. The worst was having to climb up our hill carrying heavy water buckets several times a day after the pipes burst. We did that for several MONTHS!
    I will never, ever do that again!


  4. Yep. been there, done that myself. Love the frost free set up, but it took me about a month to sort out what I was doing wrong! ;)

  5. OH YES! Same exact thing at my house. I thought my horses were drinking a LOT of water, and I was growing quite concerned when hubby told me that they hose drains backwards! LOL I now relieve the hose from the water bucket! HUGE Difference in the consumption of water with my horses! LOL I am so glad to read this post, as I thought I was the only one that had done this!

  6. I have my own stupid frost free faucet moment. When I was about 17 my Dad put the faucet in during the summer and I thought it was the best thing ever! I didn't have to haul water from the house anymore. I understood that it sucked the water back down the pipe so it wouldn't freeze. What I didn't understand was that you had to take the hose off when the weather started to get really cold. Well long about November in Maine I watered the horses one morning and left for school leaving the hose on the faucet. We had a big cold front come through that day and froze everything including the hose that was still attached to the faucet. Somehow the whole thing froze up and broke the faucet so I had to go another winter hauling water from the house because my Dad couldn't dig it up and fix it until the next summer. I will never forget this lesson!

  7. Thanks you guys! Now I dont feel like I am the only one whos done this! LOL
    And yes! The hose needs to be removed in freezing temps! I do do that!


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