Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Emma day....

Got Emma caught today and trimmed her feet and removed the horsemans sign of Fall, LOL Bot fly eggs around here, are always a sign of fall, now I have to deal with the pesky things until we have a good hard freeze, probably toward the end of October. This Slick and Easy block is my very favorite bot egg remover(it is a pumice stone, very soft though), its quick, painless and easy! No more bot knives (useless in my opinion) or razor blades for me! Micky's turn next. Easy runs from the bot flies, so gets very few on her.

I gave Emma food to keep her occupied while I did her feet, it worked for the most part, except for her shaking hay in my hair while I did her front feet LOL.

My tools, apron, clippers, hoof knife, hoof pick, and Sweet tea! the best stuff! I also have two different hoof stands, and various other things, I keep everything but the stands in a 3 gal. bucket.

This is Emmas back leg, I love how the color wraps around her hocks. I have probably taken one of these pictures before :0) You can still see some of the cobwebbing she has on her gaskin, she really has a lot of dun factor, its just harder to see now that she is all roaned out.

And my apple butt Appaloosa LOL with her feet all done and bot eggs taken off. Her tail almost is to the ground, she has a beautiful tail, but not much mane LOL Meghan keeps telling me I should roach it off, but I dont want to.

Emma did good, I had less wiggling and pulling away of her feet, I let her get way to long, I hate that, but all better now! Mickey is next, hers arent quite as long, but she needs bot eggs taken off too, and she needs a hair trim too LOL she has a "Roman" horse hair do LOL The weather is turning now, its wet and rainy and cold, I now think Fall is really here!


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