Friday, September 11, 2009

Dublin, part 1 of 3....

Here we are at GDB, in Boring, Oregon.
We were told the puppy truck would be arriving around 12-1:00PM. The truck comes up from the breeding campus in San Rafael, Calif. They take two days to make the trip with the little puppies.

Is that it? No, we went inside and used the restroom and talked to some of the trainers. The new schedule for the truck was 2-2:30, oh man we had a couple of hours to kill

A lot of vans came in and out. We decided to go have lunch, went to Burger King in Gresham, Or.

We are back at the Boring campus, still no truck. Finally it showed up at 2:30pm!

Here it comes! Everyone was so excited!

How could you miss it with all those cute puppies on the side.

There were about 15 people waiting for the truck, including a group from Ellensburg, Wa. that were driving back that night with nine! puppies, for their 4-H group in Ellensburg to raise. They had a long drive back home. I should have gotten a picture of their pickup, they had 3-4 kennels in there to put puppies in for the rest of their trip. In the puppy truck they are 2-3 puppies per kennel, so they are used to it.

The driver gets off the truck and asks if we are waiting for puppies! LOL

One of the coordinators from GDB came out and talked with the driver.

We waited some more.

Then the Coordinator wanted the driver to move the truck down to the next patch of grass. Maybe there was more room or something. I dont know. More waiting!!!

He said he wasnt good at backing that big van, LOL, it took him a couple tries, and more waiting for us!!!!!

Finally the door opens!! Arent all those puppies on the side cute!!! I want a cute one!

The first puppy out, her name is Tiva, we all thought that was a cool name.

You get a bag with a years supply of Heartgaurd, Frontline, ear cleaning supplies, and all the paperwork with information about the puppy, like the whelp date, name etc, also a small bag of Science Diet puppy food. The GDB puppies all eat exclusively Science Diet, they help sponcer GDB. There is a story about the first guide dog on the Science Diet bag.

And thats Tiva she is cute! When will he call our name????
Next installment tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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