Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dublin goes to the feed store....

I havnt blogged in a couple days, I have been getting a little less sleep due to the new puppy, last night he actually went 5 hours! instead of just 3.
The mares are hairing up good now, Fall is just around the corner! Instead of being let out in the field today Mickey would rather have me scratch and brush her, got quite a bit of hair off of her, not like spring but a bit. She stopped half way out of the gate and asked me to scratch her again, I did LOL then she wouldnt leave LOL Easy enjoyed being brushed too, but she was out the gate like a rocket, typical for her LOL. Emma she was already down in the field, I leave her outside gate open, so she didnt get brushed, I will check her tonight.

Had to go to the feed store today and get grain, some bedding, fly wipe, and a muck bucket. Easy goes through 50lbs of beet pulp in about 3 weeks and 50lbs of grain every 2 weeks, and we were out. I also was out of fly wipe, and needed a muck bucket for water in the pen, the old one died last winter and the big trough that I thought would be great has a hole in in, then the 15 gallon rubber fiber tub I was using, also has a hole in it, ((sigh)) it frustrating to fill up the water and she is out in a couple hours. So I broke down and purchased another muck bucket, the old one lasted 5-6 years, and part of that was outside in the winter.
Loaded up in the old truck for a run to town. Meghan went too.

Here we are arriving at the feed store. Isnt he cute with his little jacket on!

This is the feed store where I worked for 7 years.

Meghan put Dublin on the scale, the little poop weighs just shy of 15lbs! doing good. Another 13 lbs and he can have his Frontline.

He was so good and sat there and behaved himself, he officially is the same size as our old dog Teddy.

Dublin hasnt had all his shots yet so he cant be put on the ground in a public place, so Meghan found a place to put him LOL LOL. This is Nicoletta and Meghan with the puppy.

Home, now I have to unload it! Six bags of wood pellets, love the stuff for bedding! I guarantee you will have 1/3, of the manure pile, compared to shavings! I would like to buy a half ton, 25 bags, so I have it on hand for the winter. These wood pellets are running $215 ton. Well that was our adventure to the feed store this time!


  1. darling puppy....I like feed stores, but have no reason to go to one now.

  2. This time of year drives me nuts. It's getting cold overnight but it's still pretty warm during the day, so I get tons of hair off of Panama every time I brush him. I hate shedding so it drives me crazy to have to do it in the fall, too!

    Dublin looks adorable sitting on the scale, by the way. Keep the puppy pictures comin'!

  3. I want a puppy! I really do. But I need to retire first (2-3 years) and then I can be WITH the puppy!


  4. Katharine, Yeah, you only have one LOL I have 3! Ah it is the wonderful change of seasons, thats what the shedding means to me.

    Linda, yes this little guy is a big time investment, if I was working I wouldnt be able to do it, it wouldnt be fair to the puppy.


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