Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sara goes to Iraq....

Our middle daughter Sara, left for Iraq today.

When I talked to her last she was in Texas with her husband, packing up and getting ready to leave. She was a little apprehensive, but she is doing her duty and spending her deployment over there. Sara is a weather forecaster, so she wont be out on those convoys where most soldiers have been killed, a small comfort. This picture is Sara getting her graduation from Tech school I believe, she'll tell me if I am wrong LOL. I have very few pictures of her in her BDUs. Her Dad had one request from her when she is overseas, he wants a picture of her in uniform in Iraq. (preferably with a tank in the background LOL or sand or something)
This was our newly graduated Airman and her little sister when she graduated BMT in San Antonio, Texas, in 2005. That was a fun trip. Sara is in the Air Force. As is her big brother John, he followed little sister into the service.

Sara and I when we went hiking the gorge, one of the last times she was home before I got sick. She is an Amazon LOL I am just shy of 5'7", and Sara is 5'10"!

And this is one of Sara's pictures from when she was at Shaw AFB in South Carolina, having fun going fishing.
I asked her to E-mail me as soon as she could, I will keep everyone updated.
She left at @3am eastern time, she had to fly to Baltimore, Maryland, and leave from there. She will be in Iraq for 6 months, then come home and have 2-3 more months, and she will be out of the service. She will live in Colorado Springs with her husband Toby.
We love you Sara! Stay safe!

Update, Sara left Baltimore around 2pm Pacific today, flying to Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia and on to Iraq, about 2 days of flying she said. She will be about 20 miles NW of Bagdad in a town called Al Taji, looks like it is one of the nicest bases over there. The Bx has a Subway, a Burger King and a Pizza Hut! What is life without those! (except maybe Starbucks LOL)


  1. Brave girl , with a brave Mom! Stay safe Sarah

  2. Prayers for you and your kids while they are in the service! Tell them "THANK YOU" from our little corner of the world too please!

  3. My brother-in-law is going to be going to Afghanistan, so this is a preview of what our family will be going through soon. Except with him, it's not for the military, but for one of those contract companies. I personally think he's extremely dumb for going when he's got the choice not to -- let me put it this way, it is NOT a good time to leave his kids (3 little ones 4 and under) alone with their batsh!t crazy mom!

  4. Sarah will have an experience of a life time there. My son took a lot of pictures while there and will remember it forever. He was off base a few times but never in harms way as far as I know. He was at a marine base west of Baghdad. He's also in the AF and was at Shaw for a few years as well. He's a tech Sgt now and only has five years left in.
    The six months will fly by but I know you won't be happy till she comes home.

  5. arlene,
    I hope Sara takes a lot of pictures and has a decent experience ove there. Sara will be 20 miles NW of Bagdad in Al Taji. Sounds like its a pretty cool place and has the biggest PX in Iraq.
    Katharine, maybe he is going to get away LOL LOL

    Thanks Mrs Mom I will tell them

    Thanks for the safe wishes fernvalley, my consolation is that she isnt police or will be on any convoys

  6. what an adventure for a young girl... my best wishes for her and you and her family.

  7. It are people like her that make us all proud and know that if it were not for them we would not have the freedom we enjoy as US citizens. God Bless her and God Bless her family.

  8. Thank you everyone for the wonderful wishes.

  9. I forgot to subscribe to comments, Pam, so I had no idea you even responded. That's exactly why he is going, but it's a bad reason because he's risking his kids' safety and well-being so that he can have a year of (oh, the irony) peace. He actually left this morning and was already regretting his decision, but since he'd quit his job here, he didn't have a choice but to follow through.


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