Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dublin, part 2 of 3....

Amy waiting for their new puppy!
They got Josh. A dark yellow pup.

Meet Josh. I am sure I will be having pictures of these three pups up as they grow.

This is Catry, as her card says, she is destined to be evaluated for career change, sometime the pups just stress to much or have physical/medical problems, so they are career changed, Catry was going to Ellensberg with that crew I believe, to where our club advisor lives, along with another older pup. They dogs never never lack for homes, they are always placed carefully if they dont work out as a guide, and again after they retire as a guide, if their person desires.
These dogs are worked with and reevaluated several times before they adopt them out, so they are given every chance to succeed!

I think this is Doug, LOL Doug the dog, cute!

And finally! We get called, they called Meghans name, which was strange, because I filled out all the paperwork, although all three of us are on the application, I think Megs name is first when we are listed.
Heres Dublin!
He is so sweet, giving kisses and a snuggly little guy!

And he is so darn cute! I wanted a cute one LOL.

lick lick lick LOL skunky puppy breath!

I think this is Doug again, him and Dublin are litter mates.

Meghan meets Dublin! He is so cute!

More kisses for Meghan, LOL.

Oh there is the first regal puppy look LOL.

Me with Dublin.

Martha gets McCoy, the real McCoy! LOL He is a wiggle worm! When they got him home he dived in his water bowl feet first LOL he is going to be a handful!

Martha with McCoy and her husband taking pictures. They have some flickr videos here, of the arrival of the pups
Part 3 pictures tomorrow! Otherwise it would be a really long post!


  1. They are all so cute, but Josh cracks me up because he looks like a little old man! Dublin looks like a really cuddly little guy -- I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures and hearing the stories as he grows up.

  2. Oh how heart warming!!! Dublin is soooo said that already didn't ya?!? What else could you say but cute, cute, cute?!?


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