Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Emma, and what to do?

Ah Emma, these head shots make her look a lot darker than she is. She is so mellow, quiet and easy for me most of the time, now with my problems.

She just goes with the flow most of the time. Not to say she doesnt have her moments LOL, she can be full of it, she is a horse. But she comes around pretty quickly. She is my dream horse and the one I wanted all my life.

Color changes, this year her forelock turned white, and she has white stripes along each side of her crest, she is really kinda cool looking. Next year she will change again, prabably some more white, and new spots here and there, she is also starting to get those liver spots.

There is so much I want to do with her, and so many decisions to make. I have her, and the old mare Easy. and Mickey, three may be to much for me to take care of, although I will do it. But I dont need three horses anymore and Emma is the only one that is saleable, but she is the one that I want to ride now. sigh. What to do. Hubby wants me to sell or give them away. Mickey is crippled now, she could probably be ridden at a walk and a trot, but nothing heavy, she has artheritis in her knees now, she is 20 years old and not worth anything to anyone else. She would make a good companion horse, but how do you find someone for that? Easy she is a gem, I want Sara to take her when she gets back from her deployment to Iraq, but I dont know if she will be able to, had a lease offer on her, she is 24 now, but?
Any ideas for me? I am at a crossroads now on what to do with the horses. With my health and not being able to work to support them now, its hard. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I wont take any of them to the auction, the other alternative is to put Mickey down, but her quality of life is good, she is just a little sore. So I dont know what to do. Thats why I am asking you all for some ideas and or some thoughts. Thanks.


  1. Oh I tell you- this is a hard thing. I can only tell you what I would do- In my experience people who get horses for free usually don't value them at all. (ALmost) No one wants to feed a horse that cannot be ridden- thus if you find someone that says they will give your horse a good home and never ride it- I'd take it with a grain or two of salt. Usually not going to happen. I have placed a few horses that are over twenty with excellent homes- but with the (signed) understanding that the Free horse will cost on the back side- in euthanasia costs.
    I have to say- please don't shoot the messenger- that if your horses are too old or not sound enough to ride- who better than you to do the right thing by them? That is what I will do with my old mare should I not be able to keep her any longer. I feel I owe it to her- she has served me so well.
    I don't say this as a callus individual- I know how you are struggling with this- I have to put my old dog down soon- the worse part is the decision- is it time? Have I done all I can? That is never easy. Your heart will be your guide.
    Good luck my friend. Being a Horsemen is sometimes the hardest thing in the world.

  2. I agree with you about not putting Mickey down. As long as she is happy and has a good life, that really wouldn't be fair to her. And it really sounds like you'd rather not give Emma up. Your daughter rode Easy recently and she did fine -- would it be possible to lease her to someone for light riding or do a half lease? Would that solve your problem?

  3. vaquerogirl, I dont think you are being callus at all, it is a fact of life, albeit a very hard one, Mickey is a love, she isnt usable anymore and she is only 20, she could live another 10 years or more. So I feel stuck, she isnt worth anything to anyone else, she has been a good horse. I too have an old dog that is 15, he is doing ok but is starting to have problems, I will put him to sleep when the time comes.
    Katharine, that is my dilema though, what to do with her, I wont let her go somewhere where I dont know how her life ends, so I keep her and she is just a pasture ornament for now.
    Easy is doing great, but has earned her retirement, leasing her may be an option if I can convince Sara about it, she is her horse. Easys registration papers and all are in Saras name.

    The financial and physical burden in this descision is a lot.

  4. I am sorry to hear about this struggle , I put my old girl down last year. She was still comfortable enough in pasture , but had to be medicated to tolerate a trim . The thing that made the decision for me was that winter can be hard on old hosres ,esp those with arthritis,and I never wanted her to suffer . I maybe put her down a little soon ,but I let her go while she was still enjoying life ,not stressed and in pain. I wanted her to go before it became a fight for her. Don't know if that helps , but it is another view.Good luck ,my heart goes out to you with this tough decision

  5. I don't have horses any more but I do have animals that I love and the problem is the same thing if you can't care for them any more... I think Vaquerogirl's advise is right on...hard as it is to take. Once your babies leave your place you have no idea at all if they will be treated well...it is out of your hands and I wouldn't be able to stand that. Someone may well ride Mickey while she is really hurting...
    I had to put down my first horse because of ringbone...I didn't trust anyone to care for him and he wasn't ridable any more. I feel for you...you have hard decisions to make.

  6. Would Micky be suitable for a pee wee? I have observed that attentive parents appreciate and take care of horses that take care of their babys.

    I made a similar decision as fernvalley. I put my wonderful beautiful old gelding down. To many people it might have seemed to soon. He was in great shape perfectly healthy. I always promised him he would go with his dignity I never wanted him to be in pain and waste away...

    It sounds to me like you have not talked to Sara about Easy yet. She might not feel that keeping Easy is feasible for her. She also might be willing to send you $50 or so a month to go towards her care.

    I know their are many horse crazy children who would love to help out with the chores so that they can in turn ride your horses some.

    Do you have room for another horse maybe you can find a responsible young person who needs a place for their horse but cannot afford to pay for board. He/She might be able to do the stalls and feeding of yours for board payment.

  7. Great suggestions Angie, I have talked to Sara, but have no commitment from her as she is in the Air Force and does not know her circumstances for awhile, she is going to Iraq as I write this. She has sent me money at times to help with the horses.
    Mickey probably wouldnt be good for a pee wee, she can be unpredictable and buck seemingly for no reason sometimes.
    Also we dont have room for another horse, I have 3 stalls and 3 horses at this time.

    We will get through this winter, and see what we can decide to do.

  8. I would love to help but am in the same delima as you know!


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