Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday stills, Macro Monday....

Bird House gourds have such a pretty dainty blossom. They are only blooming for one day and usually at night and early in the morning.
Then they turn into these. Ity bity gourd, probably only two inches long.

One of my three trellis's that the gourds are growing on, I loved the glass detail when I bought them.

Miniature pumpkins are coming on to, this plant ant the Bird House gourd plant are going nuts right now!

This isnt quite macro, but I liked it anyway, another blossom with the gnome. It shows how delicate they are, and they are big four to five inches across some of them.


  1. Those blossoms are so pretty...frilly, like a French Girl's Bloomers. lol!
    I like your fancy glass trellis, too.


  2. LOL yeah Lisa they are frilly like bloomers LOL LOL
    Thank you for the compliments everyone!

  3. I never realized gourd plants had such pretty flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very cool, love the gourds..:-)

  5. I like your gourd flower at the top...isn't that such a pure white?!!

  6. Love the gourd flower shots. Must be pollinated by moths or bats to be open for business during those hours!

  7. makes me wish spring was here again so I could plant our trellis. I'd like to make a bird house from one of the gourds...My friend has one...her daughter made it, but it's so pretty she keeps it on a bookshelf..afraid to leave it out in the weather.

  8. Very nice white bloom..I also really like the closeup of your trellis:)


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