Thursday, August 6, 2009

I did it, I am going to get one of these!!

I did it I signed the puppy request form! So we will be getting a puppy sometime in September!
Meghan and I went to a Puppy meeting tonight and played with puppies!!! I got my puppy ear fix! Their ears are soooo soft and wonderful to pet and play with!

This is Marla, isnt she beautiful. I put in for a male, I dont care what color he is, black or yellow. I have to have a male because of old Teddy, alas, I never had him fixed, so getting a female would just torture the poor old dog LOL

This is Sol, he has been career changed, we puppysat him once. He got career changed because during phase 8 of the 10 phases of training, they drive a car towards them and they have to stand there and deal with it, well poor Sol, he got so upset by the car coming towards him that he puked because he was so upset. So that with probably a few other things too, caused him to be career changed. He had a fear issue of our stairs when Meghan puppysat him too.

Marla again, she is so cute.

Here is Jana again, she is a very pretty little pup, she has all her Guide dogs duds on.

The club leaders daughter, is taking over the club when her mom retires, on Aug. 22. After 25 years of doing this the leader is retireing, she will be missed, but I bet we will see her every now and then, these dogs are addicting. She (the daughter, I am horrible with names) brought her new family member, Titan, a golden retriever puppy, no he isnt a guide puppy, just the family pet, but he will be learning some guide dog manners, and he is gosh darn cute too!
So I guess I am going to add a puppy to my bubblebath!


  1. Yo are so brave to take this on .It pulls at my heart just watching/reading about it and I bawled when you took Luxor back . Such a wonderful program. Yay you for having the strength to take it on

  2. Yes fernvalley, it is hard, I hope the first one is the hardest, now we will have our second one. It will be fun and give me a project to do, I need something to do LOL, my neurologist told me that I probably shouldnt work because of my balance issues so, I need to do something. Going to meetings and seeing the puppies has helped lesson the ache where Luxor is. He is in phase 4 of 10 of his training now.

  3. Great news! And interesting timing -- just after I gave up Charlie, the stray we found Wednesday. I might cry if you get a yellow lab that looks like him...


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