Saturday, August 1, 2009

Camas Days Parade 3, 4-H and Horses....

The Clark County 4-H Ambassadors group had a great float in the parade.

Of course anything 4-H is close to my heart. They had the geese on the float and some of them carried chickens.

This pic should have come first, but blogger isnt letting be drag pics anymore.
I love the great big clover on the front of this truck. The kids did a great job on the float.

And the first equestrian group, from Sonrise Ranch in Camas Wa. The gal who owns this stable only has chestnut paints for her kids to ride, she has lessons and camps and stuff.

This is the Cowboy Church group, they were great!

Love the mules!

Pooper scoopers, this is a gorgeous dog, looked like an Aussie, but has interesting coloring. Maybe some Border collie in there?

This little girl in her pirate suit was so cute! Like the skulls around the breastcollar?

This little Minni, by the time they got to us she was being a little brat LOL she wanted to be done! the little dog just tried to stay out of her way LOL as she would go ahead of and around her handler. At least this was the end of the parade route so she could go home now LOL


  1. lol! The mule and horse as moving billboards.

    Such a fun parade for everyone! The 4-H floats were so cool!


  2. Love the horses. We hardly ever have horses in our local parade. They used to be the focal point, now it is politicians.


  3. I was kinda sad there were only 3 horse entries, we have done the parade with the girls 4-H club and the Moose lodge several times, but Meghan isnt doing 4-H this year and the Lodge had a pirate ship, which I dont think horses fit the theme LOL, so we didnt participate this year.

  4. we lived in Eastern Oregon for about 15 years...most in Heppner where I taught 4th grade and our parades were almost pure horses with many of my kids riding them...horses and farm machinery that was as wide as the street...


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