Monday, August 10, 2009

Macro Monday....

These little guys are so funny, and provide hours of entertainment! This is the Anna's Hummingbird again, the male, these pics I took are the first I realized that he would raise the feathers on his head in his threat display. Makes him look pretty funny, like his eyes are going to pop out. I thought they would be OK for Macro Monday, as I have to zoom way in to catch them this big.

Here he is posed similar to his girlfriend below. There was no sun, overcast day, so I didnt get that cherry red head that the male has.

Finally I got a picture of the female Anna's! The eyes look just alike! Almost grumpy looking LOL
The Anna's is a pretty big hummingbird, they are twice the size of the Rufus hummingbirds that we have also. They are also much more territorial than the Rufus. We really enjoy the little feathered jewels, even though we have to duck now and then! LOL


  1. I am so impressed ! I never get a shot of my hummers

  2. Nice photos! My zoom sure won't do that. They're cute lil' things though!

  3. fernvalley, This little guy gaurds the feeder, and lands about 6 feet away and chases anyone else off that comes near his feeder LOL So he provides a lot of picture taking time, he just sits there and doesnt move untill another bird comes along.
    gtyyup, my little camera only has a 10x zoom, but it does pretty good! If I dont have the setting right it tends to be a grainy picture.

  4. I have no luck getting good photos of the hummers. You did good! Funny little guy with his spiky doo, lol!


  5. I have no luck with the hummers either, way to fast! :)


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