Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Stills, Fences....

Sorry this post is so late I did have a hard time thinking of a fence post. I had a friends Bridle shower to go to so I found fences on the way.
This one is fences around a horse barn, nice looking place, across the street from the fire house where we had the shower.

This is also from the parking lot of the firehouse, black chain link fence.

This house has two gates that enter the property, next to each other on the front of the property. I think they are really Washington State Cougar fans! This logo in on all four of the entry posts.
Here is a pic of the left side gate.

And the white vinyl fence on the way to the shower, this fence goes for a mile at least!


  1. Nice job with the fences. I like the barn shot the best.

  2. nice photos for this weeks challenge :)

  3. Nice fences. I'm glad you explained that log, too. I couldn't see a cougar at all. I think my mind was on horses. hehe!


  4. Lisa the cougar is looking to the left with its mouth open and is made out of a W S U, a logo for the univercity.


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