Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A fable, the vulture and the apple....

Vultures do eat something besides carrion.
Hubby spotted this Turkey Vulture out in the field the other morning and I grabbed the camera, had to go back and get the tripod because I had to zoom in and couldnt hold still enough, especially with the cat trying to help. We have quite a few of these birds here in our little valley.

He did all kinds of contortions to get at that apple!

It was funny to watch. Never have we seen one do this.

He even carried it around some too.

Must have tasted good.

Interesting looking birds. There is a petty green sheen on those brown feathers.

They must be artists at eating what is available at the time.

All done, he meanders back under the fence.

Another piece?

Not the handsomest of birds, by any means.

And he ruffles his wings, stretches out that six plus foot wingspan, and takes off for other pastures.
One day vulture spotted something on the ground.
Nothing good had been found to eat that day.
This round yellow thing smelled intriguing.
So he decided to give it a try,
and it rolled all over while he tasted it.
Hmm not to bad, different.
Thats enough, time to go find some real food.
The moral of this fable? dont all fables have a moral? LOL
maybe: Eat what you can when you can.
or : Always do the unexpected.
Any other good morals?


  1. Love the new header! And the daning dude!
    The turkey vulture ,hmm you are right, they really aren't a pretty bird , but they are smart enough to know to eat what you can find

  2. A diet of all meat is hard on the colon--one must eat three servings of fruit or vegtables a day!


    I enjoyed seeing that bird up close. I usually only see them in the sky.

    It's a good thing we have birds that clear up the dead, a real good thing.

  3. will wonders never cease...I'm poking around reading various blogs...one from India, one from Missouri, when I run across yours from Washougal...my old home town. Jack and I graduated high school there and raised our kids in the Mill Plain area when it was all pasture and we had a little 40 acre farm and horses. As teenagers we, too, had crawfish boils in our old swimming holes in the Washougal and the Sandy. I still visit..still have friends and relatives there...and will follow your blog for old times sake, (and for the good reading and pix)...we live in Grants Pass now...not all that far away.

  4. dang...I wrote a long post and it disappeared..this is just a test

  5. sorry about the multiple posts...just now a message appeared that they need to be approved before they appear...got it.

  6. Hi Patricia, when did you guys graduate? My Hubby and I both grew up here!

  7. Hi...we graduated, both, in 1952 and a lot of our friends and classmates are still there so I'm sure we know some of the same people. My sis Mary Kay O'Hara, a probabtion officer in Vancouver, still lives in the Mill Plain Area. We owned Riverside Bowl for five years...it was a skating rink when we were in high school..Mary Kay and I poked around the empty bldg. not too long ago..we owned all that woodsy land along the river till the City of Camas "bought" it from us for a greenway. Our high school was the brick one on the end of main street. Jack's grandfather was Doc Clearwater, a horse and buggy doctor in Washougal. Are your folks from there too?

  8. Hi Patricia, I went to the old Columbia school in the 4th grade! But we are quite a bit younger than you folks, we graduated in 1985 LOL. My folks are not from here, from Calif. My hubbys folks are from here though, The Hunters, Bud and Alice. Alice was a cook at JDZ in Camas for 20 some years.Bud worked at Crown Z, now Georgia Pacific for 40 years.
    Its sad that Riverside is closed, (the building caught on fire recently)the Moose lodge looked at it and it would be perfect for that, but that is the problem they have where they are at now, they both are on the water and insurance is to expensive. The Moose has also sold their property on Lacamas Lake to the city of Camas, and are leasing the building.

    Sorry I dont know Mary Kay.(maybe its a good thing I dont know her LOL)
    My folks also had Peebles Floor Covering for 28 years in downtown Washougal.

  9. omg how can a business I never heard of be in downtown Washougal for 28 years...haha. The last time I was there I was horrified to see that ugly obelisk there on the corner by the overhead. (hope you didn't design and vote for it)...it is soooo un Washougal...had I been there I'd have carried a big sign and picketed it. My relatives worked at both the woolen mills and Crown Z. Jack worked at Crown in the summers while in high school and my mom was a bookkeeper there for years. Where do you live now? (my email is rimrock@rascal.cc if you'd rather not clutter up the comments)


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