Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fair pictures

Skamania County Fair, Stevenson Wa, August 2009. This is the 101st fair!
These little girls are what the fair is about, to me. The one on the right talked to me a little, the one on the left was to shy, their Dad was standing right there. They are primary or Junior 4-Hers.
I asked her if her chicken was a Silkey she nodded her head, I asked her if it was a baby and she said "Yes she two" I assume two months old LOL she is so cute, and posed for my pictures.


Some good looking Market calves, 4-H, Angus. Angus is the most popular breed around here. I believe the target weight for the fair is 1100-1300lbs. They sell them at the Livestock Market sale on Saturday. In the Market sale the kids sell the market project animals that they have raised over the year. Market Beef, hogs, goats, and the turkeys and pens of 3 ducks, or chickens. The market goats are usually a Boer or Boer cross, they have become really popular around here.

This is the Fair trolley, it takes people around the grounds, and out to the parking lot.

Quilts in the exhibit hall, it looked very nice this year. I love the quilts, they all were beautiful.

We watched the Round Robin Showmanship contest. They have all the kids in 4-H that won Champion and earned reserve champion in showmanship, show almost every animal in a round robin contest.
This is one of the horses, each participant brings out the animal that the won with.

This picture shows the pig and a sheep, and in the back a meat goat.
They showed a horse, a cow, a dairy goat, a meat goat, sheep, a pig, and a pygmy goat, each kid showed every animal. Its a lot of fun to watch, seeing the horse kids show livestock can be very entertaining and vice versa. You wouldnt think that the livestock kids would be afraid of a horse, but sometimes they are! And our horse girls are scared of some of the livestock, especially the pigs. It is a fun contest and the winner and reserve get a silver buckle that says "Master Showman".

Looking out toward the midway from the livestock arena.

The midway.

Meghan with a tiny baby goat, born on Tuesday. Shortly after this the goat started squalling and had to be put back with Mama.

The Columbia Gorge in the background is always beautiful, even on a cloudy day. It was pretty cold up there and a good breeze blowing. Sweatshirt weather.

The Gorge Girls drill team preformed, most of them are riders from the WAHSET team and some parents and siblings thrown in. Here they are getting ready to go into the arena and warm up.

They did a night ride with glow sticks all over the horses. Pictures didnt turn out very good in the dark, but I thought this one was pretty cute.
I will post some more fair pictures on Tues.


  1. The Master Showmanship contest sounds so cool. I would have liked to have seen that. Fun! Your fair looks like a great family event. The location is beautiful, too. The nightime glowstick horse ride would have been awesome to see or be a part of!


  2. Yes this fair is still free to get into, if you want to park in the lot and not the street its only $3. You can walk around the whole thing in an hour LOL. I think the Drill team had a blast with their preformance.


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