Thursday, August 20, 2009

Seafood boil, crawdads and shrimp....

We have been talking about having a crawdad boil for awhile now. The kids went and caught some out of the river, I dont think they counted, but they caught a lot! This is what they look like before they are cooked, live, just like crab or lobster.

Waiting for the water to boil, Hubby added some Zatarans crawdad shrimp and crab boil seasoning.

They turn bright red when they are cooked just like crab on lobster. Well they are little freshwater lobsters arent they?

Colorful goodness!

The table is all ready, the potatoes are cooked, ready to dump in the middle of the table.

This was the biggest one I could find! Look at those claws, dont they look like lobsters?

They quickly became just shells.

This is the second biggest one. 5 1/4 inchs long.

And...... drumroll please..... this is the monster crawdad, stretched out it was 6 1/4 inches long! and has huge claws, boy I wouldnt want that one to get ahold of my toe while swimming!! yikes!

The kids ate the tails, the claws and David and his brother Jesse sucked the heads, like you are supposed to LOL

mmm mmm crawdads and taters!

Hubby had a crayfish finger puppet LOL

The kids made short work of the spread,

Here is a pic of the shrimp and corn added, it was so good! And there wasnt much leftover!
Anyone else cook wild crawdads? We do it every so often. The kids said they only caught them in a 20x20foot area in the river, this river is a small tributary of the Washougal river, named, The Little Washougal. If they caught that many in such a small area, there are a lot of crawdads in that river!! Hope you enjoyed our feast!


  1. Wow! that looks so good! Next time call me I will be there in time for dinner!

  2. I have never eaten a crawdad. The kidlets caught a crawdad in an acequia down by the Rio Grande river a couple years ago using a hot dog as bait. They decided to keep it as a pet and they named it Lobster Mobster. We had him for a year. He was huge! And we fed him minnows, goldfish and potted meat. We finally released him back where we found him.

    I love lobster, but afte having owned a crawdad as a pet, I'm not sure I can eat one now. lol!
    That shrimp feast looks so delish!


  3. YUM!! So, that must be tradition to just put the food right on the plates or hardware!! Fun!

    Your trip to the fair looked like a blast...about the speed of ours...but fun all the same!

  4. Lisa, I'm with you -- they're pets, not dinner. :o) We had crawdads in 5th grade -- each student had their own, and they lived in a wading pool in one of the teachers' classrooms. How cool is that?

    As it turns out, though, I'm allergic to the little buggers (even though I can eat all other shellfish), which I didn't discover until I was 22. I had crawfish twice that year -- once without knowing it. It wasn't until the second time, when I was violently ill, that we figured out what was causing it.

  5. yeah, gtyyup
    It sure help with the clean up too!
    LOL they taste to good to be pets LOL and there are a lot more where these came from!
    fernvalley, anytime! There was plenty! althought the kids put the hurt on it pretty good LOL


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