Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More images from the fair....

These little tiny baby goats are so cute, they wouldnt hold still long enough to get any decent pictures of them. They were born Tuesday, and the fair opened on Wednesday.

Meg and David petting one of the little buggers.

There was a baby Alpaca too, they are so soft and sweet natured.

This red one is a pretty color.

Turkeys strutting their stuff.

I caught the sunset on this tractor, thought it looked cool.

The campground where the 4-H and other folks camp for the 5 days of the fair.

This was one of the acts out in the midway, she was doing rope tricks.
I hate to say it, but her act was really kind of lame, oh well she had a big audience LOL

More goats, lots of babies.

Spotted sheep.

More sheep.

Goat showing.

These girls were waiting for their class, she kept kissing her goat but I couldnt catch it, darn it LOL.

And they were doing Trail class, and jumping with the horses, I didnt get out to the arena to watch. The gal in the green is Jen, she was one of my 4-H kids when I had a club, I actually took over her dads club when he wanted to quit. Now its come full circle and she is a club leader. This mare is her mare Imp, the same one she rode in 4-H herself, now her niece in riding her.

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