Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Stills, Clouds....

This one has been fun, it has been cold and rainy here, so we have had a lot of clouds.
These first few are taken at the house, the clouds are pretty cool looking! I have been taking cloud pictures for a week, these are some of my favorites.

Blue sky waring with the clouds.

Clouds framed in the Maple tree and the firs.

Clouds behind a midway ride at the fair.

I love this, the cloud almost looks like eyes watching.

Clouds are always fun, never the same thing twice.
OK I had to add a note here, this cloud looks like a
giant monkey face! LOL I didnt notice until after I

This is looking Southeast up the Columbia River Gorge, from the Skamania County fair. It was cool and cloudy and windy when I went up to the fair on Friday.


  1. Beautiful! And I hope the rain didn't ruin the fun at the fair too much.


  2. It rained on opening day at the fair, Wed/Thurs, the horse arena was soup! the Drill team had another ride Thurs at Noon, and they could only trot most of the pattern! They had to have showmanship for the horses over in the livestock area. Other than that it was great and nice and cool.

  3. Nicely done. First one is my favorite :D

  4. Very nice, I really liked the ones at the Fair! :)


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