Friday, August 21, 2009

I rode Emma today....

These well worn boots actually got out to the barn today, for a much needed horse ride. I so want a new pair of slip on boots instead of lacers, I have had these for a long time.

And my favorite saddle got somewhat dusted off, LOL, and actually used too! The saddle is a Crates brand model 4525, which I looked up on the Crates website and it has an equifit tree which is6 5/8 wide , 16 inch seat, reining saddle. If you own a Crates you can do quite a bit of research on them.

I took this picture for a bit fitting post I am doing later, but I love the shadows, showing me taking pics, LOL

And another shadow picture and proof that I was up on her today! LOL

We had an ok ride, she is such a brat sometimes, if I ask her to go faster ie trot, she just quits sometimes, I dont get mad at her anymore, but it is frustrating, she is a left brain extrovert/introvert in Parelli speak. She has her own ideas about what she should do, she never does more that balk and kick out though, when I ride her more she isnt as bad. She is neck reining very well, I would hope so finally, she is 9 years old!

My fat girl, just like me LOL, all the wrinkles on her neck show how fat she is.

Her forelock is turning white! She also has a white stripe down both sides of her crest.

She is an interesting color, I will give her that. Her wild mane, she has a gorgeous tail and not so much mane, it looks good when it is banded. She has rubbed it all off on her withers, the flies have been awful. She has been wallowing in a dust bath too, it took a long time to brush all the dirt off of her, she was back to brown instead of white on her back!


  1. Good boots a good saddle and a good horse, world class combo ! The new just dosen't seem the same somehow

  2. Yay! I'm glad you found soe time to ride Emma. She sure is pretty. You took some beautiful photos.


  3. That Parelli "horsenality" stuff really frustrates me. I like the message, basically that you should craft your training methods according to your horse's personality and what works best for them. But what would you say if someone told you that there all people fit into only four different personalities? Whatever. Horses aren't that different than us -- their personalities have way more variety than that.

    Glad you got to ride, and I loved all the pictures. I'm especially looking forward to that bit fitting post -- I'm wondering if Panama's bit is too wide for him!

  4. Thanks fernvalley and Lisa!

    Katharine, either you like Parelli or you dont, that is what I have found. In order to get the full understanding of Parelli you have to belong to the savvy club and basically be a groupie LOL, some people will tell you different. I belonged to the Savvy Club for over a year and got the DVDs every month, but $24 a month took its toll after awhile. The horsenality chart is pretty infinate in the amount of personalitys that it portrays, and is only meant as a guideline. Let me state, I am not a Parelli groupie!, LOL I have learned a lot from the Parelli program, seen them in person, and bought some of their stuff. Parelli has given me more patience with my horses and some answers that I havnt been able to get elsewhere. So I take what I need and keep on learning, the Parellis have a lot of answers, but not everyone can afford their program, I cant, and I have to say I do not like the direction that the Parelli organization is going now, after awhile it all becomes about the company and the money, and if you cant afford to buy into the program well there isnt much they offer you. I will get off of my soapbox now, I still use my carrot stick and use the Parelli ground work, it helps and it is fun. Just my opinions.


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