Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthday Party....

The 3rd annual ( at least) Birthday bash for Hubbys middle brother. R2 turned 49 last week! This is R2, Meghan and Bobbie. They have a clawfoot tub full of ice and Beer, a huge BBQ on the back wall and to the left of Meghan He had a table set up with propane burners and was cooking a shrimp boil, which included, red taters, corn on the cob, sausage, ham, and garlic! Yum Yum.

This is Arty and Tammy.

And Bobbie and Shane.

People lined up watching the live band.

And the Band, I dont know what their name is, but they had a few impromptu members that got up and sang or played an instrument.

This little side room is their dog grooming room, tables set up with all the potluck food, good stuff!!

There was dancing to the music, which included Buddy the dog, LOL.

And I walked up to the arena with the girls, this guy stands to the right of the entry into the barn, I didnt notice the parking meter until I posted this pic LOL.

Meghan petting LeAnns new Frisian yearling. She is in love with him!

Katie, Missy and Meghan. These girls have done 4-H together for years. Katie and Meghan graduated High School this year, and Missy will be a Junior.

This is by the door to the tack room, love this bench.

The lights were off in the arena, this is the gate into the arena.

This Hamms Beer Bear, is by their front door, he is so cute! She finds all kinds of stuff on Craigs List, I look and dont find all the cool stuff! LOL She has a flair for decorating too!

This is R2 and R3 (Hubby) we were all watching the band.

And the guys dancing and drinking by the food table LOL.

And this is what was on the food table, yum yum good stuff, all the shrimp have been picked out LOL
And it was a great party, between 50-60 people were there, looked like everyone had fun.
Happy Birthday Bro, for one more year!

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