Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The moon....

Taking pictures of the moon when you dont have one of those fancy SLR camera and interchangeable lenses and all that fancy stuff, can be a challenge! But I am learning to squeeze all I can out of my little camera. I took some of these when the moon was full early this month.

Starting to see the man in the moon.

Most of the pics looked like a car headlight LOL it sure was bright!

This one I like, the more I slow the camera down the grainier they seem to get, I have been playing with all the settings I can think of, both manual and auto on this little camera, and there are a lot! My problem is remembering which setting I used and which one I like!

The sliver moon from earlier in July.

So I keep experimenting and taking lots of pictures and having fun doing it! I want to take a digital camera class, but then I might learn I am not supposed to break the rules LOL.


  1. Great shots of the moon. I try from time to time but I never get anything that nice.:)


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