Friday, August 7, 2009

There are still horses in my Bubblebath....

Its just that we havnt been doing anything with them. Except feeding them, watering them, cleaning up after them, putting fly spray on them, putting fly masks on in the morning, taking fly masks off at night, and just making sure they are happy.
They get a little antsy at feeding time, Emma and Mickey are talking to me here, "Hurry up we are hungry, we are starving in fact" uh huh yeah girls your big fat butts tell me you are starving
to death LOL Easy just stays out of their way until they get their hay.

"Come on hurry up! cant you see we are starving!"

Ooooo some attitude, not from these two, yeah right! Little brats. Emma whinnys at me in the morning and the evening when she thinks the clock says its dinner time LOL

Easy just stays out of the way, she is a "path of least resistance" type of horse.

"Ok, the others have their hay so they wont chase me, let me in, let me in!"

As she trots as fast as she can over to her food, she gets fed separately because she is the only one that gets grain every feeding, due to the fact that she is 24 and has very little bottom teeth.

"What ya doing Mom?"

She is looking pretty good for an old mare.

She is putting on weight now, thats good she is a really hard keeper. I have to spread her hay out around the grain bucket because she drops half of what she picks up, I guess if it at least falls on the hay and not in the dirt she can get more of it ((sigh))

These feet and I, need to get out and go on a trail ride! Now that the weather has cooled down now maybe we will do that!

Right Emma? "Yeah whatever, leave me alone I am eating."

And these two wait for me every night, they are sitting or laying somewhere on my path back to the house. Arent they pretty!

They waited a little bit longer because the water trough needed to be filled.

And contented mares eating their hay. Good night girls.

So there are still horses in my Bubblebath, things just havnt come together to be able to go out and ride. I am thinking about it all the time, Why does it not happen? I am still working on remedying that!


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I haven't been out to the barn in a week and a half -- oh, the guilt! -- because of my sister's wedding, finding Charlie, and everything else that has kept me busy the last 10 days. But I'm getting out there today -- I'm determined not to let another day pass me by!

  2. hie hie, I love your header!
    Ronelle (Coin Perdu)


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