Friday, July 31, 2009

Camas Days Parade 2, cool cars and fire trucks....

Old fire trucks are cool.

This old Powerwagon is cool! Owned by the State of Washington.

Shiny new fire trucks.

Cool old cars.

More Shiny firetrucks. And more cool cars, have no idea what this one is but it is cute!

And this group, Silver Star Search and Rescue. These people are awesome.

And they have cool vehicles too! These are the folks who come find you if you get lost in the wilderness, hunters, berry pickers, mushroom pickers etc. The Vietnamese and the Mexicans pick a lot of mushrooms and bear grass, unfortunately, and invariably, the rescue service is out looking for them. There are areas up here that a compass wont work, do to volcanic rock, and the trees and brush are so thick, GPSs wont work either.

This is their newest edition to rescue, the snow cat! They run off of donations, and its worth every penny!

I seriously want one of these!!! A Segway! It would be soooo much fun LOL.

More fire trucks, I love these guys and gals, they saved my life once.

These are cool old motorcycles too! What makes parades so fun to watch and participate in!?


  1. A Segway? I could SO use one of those! Where can I get one. hehe! We could race each other :)

    SO, now you have to share the story of how the fire department saved your life. Come on now...spill it. :)


  2. Lisa, I will race you on a segway he he he!

    The fire dept saved my life in 2002 when I was hit head on by a drunk driver. It normally takes @20 min to cut someone out of a wreck, it took them 72 min to cut me out. Then I took a ride in a helicopter, that I dont remember!


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