Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guide Dogs, little puppy meeting....

Meet Jana, she is a 12 week old lab puppy for Guide Dogs for the blind. Those eyes, these dogs look right through you!

This is Dunstan, he is the same age as Jana.

Patience in a puppy, this is an older puppy.

Regal they are at times.That is not a muzzle but a headcollar, a great training tool!

This couple is so sweet, this is their first puppy. I did not get this pups name.

So pretty.

Doing the hands all over the body of the pup, so they are used to it, this is the only way a blind person can "see" the condition of their dog, so they have to be used to it.

The mouth too.

Another regal look.

And this is Jana again and her little miss.

I got flashbacks of Luxor, Jana really looks a lot like him, the folks that have her had babysat Luxor a lot, and they think so too!

She is a very pretty puppy.

Love the looks they get sometimes LOL

This is the picture that just gets me, she looks so much like Luxor in this picture!

She is pretty quiet and minds well and she seems very smart!
She has to be related to Luxor.

She is already staying on the long leash.

Everyone out in the parking lot, doing puppy training, there is even a manhole that they have to walk over, there was only 1 or2 out of 10 dogs that didnt like it, but they did it!
I am thinking I may get a puppy in Oct. it will be good for me to do something and get me out of the house too, not to mention having those silky ears to pet again!


  1. They are all so beautiful!! What expressions they can have.

    OK, get a train? Or to keep as a family member? Either way, how exciting!!

  2. I am going to get a puppy to "train" again. Actually we are not supposed to "train" the dogs but "raise" them and only teach them basic commands, sit, stay, come, not to chew, where to "do your business" things like that. And also take them out in public and expose them to stores and people, etc. It really can be an involed project, this isnt a puppy that stays home!

  3. This looks like a great project ! I am sure you will enjoy it !


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