Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Cry Baby, taken by Hubby....

The baby Hawk is still flying around the valley looking for mom and dad. Yesterday he landed in the cedar tree in the yard, and Hubby caught him with my camera.

We were wondering if he really was an Osprey and not a Red tail, but these pics are close enough, he definitely in a Red Tailed Hawk. He is BIG! This tree is probably 40' tall.


  1. Cool photos! And I love gunia pigs also. Our grandchildren have two and they are just the sweetest things.


  2. OH wow- he is so neat!
    I love your header of that beautiful horse of yours!..and I couldn't help but chuckle...that dancin' dude is too cute!
    Kacy w/ Wa mare~

  3. The hawk seems to be eating well...you're going to miss him when he moves on!

    Hot temps here all week...97-100...perfect alfalfa growing weather. Thank goodness it's dry and finally the mosquitoes are lessening as things dry up from all the late spring rain.

  4. Dayphoto, ya GPs are sweet we had 3 at one time when Meg was little.
    allhorse, LOL I loved
    that little dancing dude, he always makes me smile, so I stole him LOL LOL

    gtyyup, ya I think the hawk is doing good, they have a brood every year and we go through this, they moved the nest now, and it is farther away, so we dont see them now until they leave the nest.

  5. Awesome!!! That hawk is GOREGOUS! Excellent photos!
    I had the privelege of releasing one back into the wild after it was tagged, when I was helping out with Hawk Watch International a few years ago. Such a thrilling experience!



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