Monday, July 6, 2009

Quiet $th of July...

We had a quiet, except for the explosions of course, 4th of July. Just Hubby and I and Meg, David and Ashley. We had Shish-ka-bobs, done on the BBQ and chips, the ka-bobs turned out good! Watched the Nascar race, quite a finish to Daytona!
As it started to get dark the kids started playing with pyrotechnics LOL. The girls started with smoke bombs and snakes, then as it got darker they started with some of the ground stuff.

Ashley on the left and Megan. The moon was putting on a show too! couldnt get any really good pics of it though, it was really hazy out.

Ground fountain, I had fun playing with the settings on my camera, it does have a fireworks setting that has a delay.

When the girls went out for more fireworks that afternoon, they found glow swords! LOL

The moon was really pretty, pics kept coming out really grainy.

The fireworks setting is cool, as long as my timing is good LOL.

There was a vapor trail past the moon that looked cool, camera just wouldnt do the night pics.

This turned out kinda cool.

That vapor trail in front of the moon again, not zoomed in.

This is my favorite fireworks pic!

Sat. AM they raked the field, and....

Nice rows of hay waiting to be baled.

We went on a road trip Sunday, which I will post about later, and when we got back they already had it all baled! Boy! cut, raked and baled in three days! seems a little fast for me, especially when you know how wet the ground in out there. I dont know that I would want to put it in my barn. They spent until after 10pm last night picking it up. Our neighbors, a Russian Apostolic family got the hay again this year, they have cows and goats. All they have to pick it up in is a Chev mini van, he drives and she loads it? LOL they got the job done!


  1. I love your favorite fireworks photo! Gorgeous! My camera has a fireworks setting too, but I totally forgot to try it out -- I was too busy cuddling with my horse and feeding him treats to keep him calm. :o)

  2. 3 days does seem a little iffy ,It happens around here in July sometimes ,esp if we have a good wind and lots of sun , but we are prarie, you guys have way more moisture. Fireworks photos are great ,sounds like a lovely way to celebrate.

  3. You did well with the fireworks shots! Yes, I loved that last one...very cool.

    Wow...three days? It couldn't have gotten dried. Yea, that wouldn't go in my barn. So, why don't you keep the hay for yourself?

  4. There was a threat of rain for today, Monday, but that was still some quick baling, the grass was still really green.

  5. Glad to have you back gtyyup! missed ya. Youve been a busy woman!

  6. Great photos! Those glow swords are so cool! My boys would have loved them.
    That last fireworks photo is amazing!



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