Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some Camas Days Parade highlights....Pirate Llamas and cool Veterans

Sorry the photos are washed out, it was soooo bright out.
These guys were so cool! Pirate Llamas The theme for the Camas days celebration and the parade was a pirate theme! Must be a theme for 2009 LOL if you remember our daughter got married in January and had a pirate theme for their wedding.

Isnt he cute!

Looks like he has Knickers on LOL

I thought it was really cool that he/she is a therapy llama!!

Posing for pictures.

I like the spotted one, really cute.

And there were a lot of cool veterans in the parade. A lot in period costume like this guy on his bike.

And these ladies in the cool old jeep!

VFW guys

And this guy, this is Del, he is pretty special, he is a veteran of Vietnam and a friend of ours!and just a great person.

These guys led the parade.
Thank you for serving all of you!!!


  1. Therapy Llamas? who knew?
    The vets deserve a parade/celabration at every opportunity

  2. Those llamas were so cool all dressed up as pirates. So funny!
    My heart got a little bit sad at the name of the one called Rojo, though. Made me miss my equine friend Rojo. :(

    The vets in the parade is just wonderful. I love seeing them in a parade...and those old jeeps, too.

    How long was this parade? It looks like there were many entries. How did the horses do with the llamas? Did they have them separate from each other?
    I'd love to take my llamas and let them walk in a parade, but I've never seen them around here, just horses and mules, and wondered if they weren't welcome to be in parades here because of the fear that they might cause to horses.


  3. Lisa, I didnt think about the Llama having the same name :(
    The parade was really long it started at 11am and got to where we were @11:30 and we left around 1:30, so yeah it was long!
    I didnt think about it but yes the llamas and the horses were no where near each other in the parade.


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