Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cry Baby.....

The baby Redtail Hawks have been cut loose by their parents. So they have been screaming all day long and flying around the valley looking for Mom and Dad. Can you see him/her?

Here he is, mouth open and all, skree skree skree, skree skree skree, all day long, and there are two of them LOL.

This was how far away he was, I zoomed way in to even get his picture, so sorry for the quality. It is I would guess 150yrds or so to the tree he was in.

He looks cool surrounded by all the fir cones. He does not have all his adult plumage yet.

And as I was taking pics of him, he fell of off his branch LOL LOL. See his foot?

All I could see was a blur of wings

And almost....

more fluttering....

And made it up LOL goofy kidlet.

He climbed back up facing the other way.

He flew up to a higher branch before taking off to the property behind us, he has been going around and around all day, crying and crying. A few years back, oh 15-18 years, when my father in law was alive he actually started feeding one of the babies, it would come and land on a fence post and beg for food, my father in law would go out and feed it raw chicken or hamburger, I even got to feed it once. The bird came back for a few years, it was pretty cool. There has been a pair of nesting Red tails here for more than 25 years.

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