Friday, July 3, 2009

It is really SUMMER!!!

What symbols really say Summer to you? One of them for me is the cutting of hay. This guy showed up this morning to cut the neighbors 4 acre field.
I guess another would be that its the 4th of July! BBQs and finally good weather!
He had a big old Ford tractor, that sound is pretty unmistakable. I first heard it when I stepped out of the shower this morning, and thought "oh they are cutting the hay!" at about that same time Hubby yelled at me " they are cutting the hay!" funny how after 20 years together you have the same thought at the same time LOL.

Here you can see most of the mower, as he was clear across the field from me when I took these.

The first row!

And when we got home this afternoon, it was all down! I dont know how smart it was cutting it all just before the 4th, hopefully the neighbors aren't so wild with the fireworks! I guess its better than standing, maybe? LOL Still will catch on fire!

And the big part of the field all cut and in pretty rows. I expect them to rake it tomorrow or Sunday. Cant you just smell the new mowed hay?


  1. What a lovely blog. I hope you dont mind me following you?

  2. I dont mind at all karenbrae! Welcome!

  3. Ha! Should have kept's not your hay field...duh! I agree about's really here when the hay is being cut...ahhhhh...the wonderful smell.


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