Saturday, July 18, 2009

More hummers....

We havnt been doing a lot with the horses lately, except feeding and watering and making sure they have fly spray and masks because the flies have been so bad, but they are fat and sassy and doing good.
I almost got the wings! The chair where we sit is almost under this feeder, sometimes its kinda dangerous LOL you can feel those hummers fly right over your head and disturb your hair!

I got some really good pictures of the female today! I believe she is a female Rufus.

She drank for a long time, havnt seen the females, so they must have been sitting on eggs.

And these Begonias, have been just prolific and luscious! They have been blooming and blooming.

They are such a vivid orange the camera has a hard time with the color.
Well hopefully soon! we will get to go for a trail ride, I dont dare go alone and Meghan has only been home half the time, and.... more excuses ((sigh))I cant ride down the road here, because the cars go to fast, so roundy rounds get boring too, I have to haul anywhere to ride.
I remember just taking off down the road on my horse when I was a kid, those were the days ((sigh))


  1. Oh neat... I love how you say you can actually feel the hummers stir your hair as they fly over you... what a neat experience that must be.
    Fantastic pictures of the Begonias. The colors are just stunning!

  2. Yah, it's frustrating having to trailer just to enjoy a little ride. I hope you'll be able to enjoy a nice trail ride soon, though.
    Your hummer photos are so cool! That is one creature I always have had trouble capturing photos of. How neat that you get to sit so close to them. I know what you mean about being startled by them, though. Sometimes I'll be walking along and one will zoom by me and I usually jump and call out "whoo!" 'cause I feel like I'm being dive-bombed. lol!

    Beautiful begonias!


  3. Fantastic photo's the colours are so vibrant.

  4. Beautiful as always ,i never have my camera ready when I see my hummers .


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