Thursday, July 2, 2009

obnoxious, tenacious, territorial, noisy....

Obnoxious, tenacious, territorial, noisy, little birds LOL. But fun to watch! That would be hummingbirds. See the little critter?

Here is a close up, he was making sure the Rufus male would not come to the feeder, and would lie in wait for him and chase him off, over and over!

I finally I.D.ed him. He is an Anna's Hummingbird, known for their talking and territorial ways LOL.

Isnt he beautiful, feisty little feather ball. I figured out he is an Anna's because in the description it says they are the only ones with an all red head.

In darker light he looked black. The little white stripe behind his eye threw me off for a bit, until I searched enough websites and found a few with this stripe.

He looked and watched and waited. I set up the tripod so I could get some good close ups, and I am proud of myself, my closeups are a lot better than the websites I visited!

They are such characters, again that pretty red head.

Little brat!
I will have to put up another feeder now!

And this little one was interested in the hummers fighting or she has a nest in the tree, couldnt figure out which. She kept coming back and landing in the same spot, and the hummers left her alone.
She is three times the size of the hummer.

I couldnt figure out what she was, as I cant find my bird book. I thought she might be, at first a female goldfinch, but not sure, she has some yellow on her breast. But after looking them up she isnt. I like how she had the bug in her mouth. Females are so much harder to identify.


  1. Beautiful !

    LOve the red head !

    We feed our critters too :)

  2. Yeesh ! thought I had the wrong blog! This looks good too! great photos!

  3. LOL sorry fernvalley, I got bored with the other layout, plus I just couldnt get my text to match the pictures, and that annoys me! LOL so I will try this for awhile.

    Jocelyn, I dont know it I am crazy about adding another feeder, but its eiter that or this little brat chases off all the others LOL

  4. Shheeeesh, you got some really nice photos here!
    I couldn't get a decent picture of these little fellas if my life depended on it.
    Very nice.

  5. Thanks for joining me! Boy you have been through quite a lot! Glad you're still riding! Stop over anytime! Those hummers are so cute but they can be quite loud at times! Luanne

  6. Thanks Michele! The only reason I was able to get some good pice of him was the tripod and he would land and stay still LOL they are a challange to get good pics of!

    Thanks Luanne, glad to join you, look forward to reading about you!


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