Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oregon farm country....

When we went on our road trip on July 5th, I took a lot of pics of the farm country down there, and some neat old barns LOL. I love old barns.

Old barn and grapes I think.

Barn and Silo and grape fields. I was amazed at the variety of crops there are, in this small area we drove through. Grapes, hay, cabbage, broccoli, Christmas trees, wheat, oats.... I am sure I missed some.

Christmas trees.

Wheat or oats next to Christmas trees.

Cut Hay.

And more hay, the sky was gorgeous on this day. I am really amazed at the variety of crops that farmers in the NW produce. I thank all of you farmers who work hard on the land and provide our food and food for our livestock.


  1. As an Albaerta farmer .Thanks for "getting it" I ams sure the farmers in your area appreciate that you understand all the hard work. Beautiful photos again!

  2. I've been getting excited about all the cut hay fields I've been seeing in the valley. So many farmers are threatening to go out of business that I worry I may not be able to feed my horses some day.

  3. Thank you for finding my Journal and becoming a follower! I love your macro shots and will be back to check things out.


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