Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday stills, toys....

I guess you might call these girls my TOYS!
According to Hubby they dont have any other use!
Each to her or his own TOYS eh!

Mixing it up a little.


  1. i want a toy like this!
    i like their sunvises

  2. Brilliant! I was thinking I had no toys to take pictures of, but in reality, I take pictures of my "toys" every day.

  3. I wish you had mentioned the masks are to keep the flies off their eyes. I had not seen them in 30 or 40 years. I used to see a lot of leather strips or fly nets but seldom see the eyes covered like this.
    Abraham Lincoln

  4. I have had a few comments on my mares fly masks, LOL they are to keep the flys from harrasing them so bad, I also put fly spray on them twice a day, during this heat. The flies have been horrible in this heat! I am so used to them having them on I didnt think about it when I posted the picture.

  5. Nuzzling muzzles, LOL I was thinking the same thing, then I seen the girls posed for me in the field and ran to get my camera!!

  6. Nice toys...mixing it up. hehe!


  7. Nice toys! Hope you get a break from the not send it about south! :)


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