Monday, September 21, 2009

Macro Monday....

A little bit of history around the house....

Dads cross country skis, from the US Army in 1964, in Alaska. Wooden skis, bamboo poles and leather on the baskets.

Dads snowshoes, also used when he was in the Army. Dad gave them to me a few years back to hang on my wall. The color and patina fit the house perfect. Leather bindings and rawhide lacing on the snowshoes.

These sit on one of my nick nack shelves. In honor of hunting season starting. Old deer tags from 1954 and 1955, they are metal. Hubbys grandfather I believe is the one who harvested these deer. (If not he will tell me LOL) The deer and the memories are long gone, but these remain, and we can only wonder about the fun they had back then.
This is the East wall of our living room, not a macro pic, but had to show you the full picture of the skis and snowshoes. Our house is a 1964 A frame house, the in-laws lived here for 30 some odd years and didnt put anything on the walls/ceiling in the living room. Me it screamed out for all my decorations and log cabin look! LOL


  1. they are cool :) thanks for sharing

  2. I like cabin decorations, and yours are even better because of the stories behind them!

  3. Very cool! I got to train at Ft. Wainright AK. We were a bunch of Light fighters from Schofield Barracks Hawaii doing winter training, it was colder that a well diggers butt..:-))

  4. LOL Ed, my Dad was in Anchorage, dont know the name of the base, he was up there during the BIG quake.

    flowerweaver, whispers, thanks!

  5. Oh you lucky duck to be able to live in a beautiful A-Frame home. I've always had a dream of having an a-frame of my own. Your pictures are great, too. They portray a wonderful piece of family history. Great job!


  6. LOL Lisa, yeah it is beautiful, needs updating though. Oh but you dont want the winter heating bill! We still have 42 year old forced air! We have a wood stove but havnt used it in a couple years. Hubbys Mom and Dad built this house, and this is the house he came home to when he was born.


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