Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fire scare....

We had a local wildfire over the weekend. Not fun, had friends that were within a couple of miles of the fire, and worried about having to evacuate their homes, a few people left for safety but the flames didnt come onto private property, the fire stayed on DNR land and burnt about 60 acres.
Here is the smoke Sunday morning. The fire was probably within 20 miles away from where we are.

The helicopter carrying water to put on the fire. The copter flew over all day Sunday, back and forth. We have a young friend that was up fighting the fire, he has some awesome pictures of it! Forty foot flames and fir trees looking like torches! Wow!

LOL I cheated on this one, a picture of the newscast, this country is very very rugged and steep, covered in mostly fir trees and heavy heavy brush. In 1902 there was a huge huge forest fire here called the Yacolt burn, the largest in Washington state history! So needless to say people are punchy about forest fires around here! I have seen the old stumps left from the Yacolt burn, with the old saw marks in the bottom of them where they cut down the snags, with a hand saw, after the burn, amazing!! (You can google Yacolt Burn, if you are interested).
Fire was put out for the most part on Monday, and the wind has been blowing to beat all! Which wasnt good for the firefighters, but rain is coming in, rained Tues am a little, wind is still whipping! Feels like winter! A freind on Facebook asked who switched on Winter! LOL brrrr. Snow on Mt. Hood and snow in the Columbia Gorge this morning! I think we are going to have another bad winter!


  1. This is scary! Any kind of natural disaster is magnified when you have horses to think about. Glad it worked out OK.

  2. Glad everyone was okay and didn't lose anything. Fires scare me.

  3. Gkad everyone is safe and out of danger. Like the new format too by the way

  4. Thank you ladies for the well wishes.

    FV yeah I loved this background, it reminded me of Emma LOL LOL


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