Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Waggin Wednesday....

Ok I had to come up with a day to show the Puppy pictures!
How many positions can a puppy sleep in LOL....

Gravity is helping here LOL

He is so little here is this pic!

LOL I just have to laugh at him!

He wants to be a big dog, here he is still about the same size as Teddy, now he is twice that size! He is growing quick!

Just too sweet.

He loves to sunggle up and sleep with Jessie when I am cooking dinner, she tolerates him realy well!
Well there are the cute Dublin pictures for the day!! Enjoy.


  1. He is So. Freaking. Cute! I especially love all the pictures of him sleeping in funny positions!

    P.S. Apparently Blogger has really learned to recognize my style: The verification word is critic!

  2. Awwww, he is precious! You don't need to make up a day for puppy pictures. Puppy pictures are good everyday!!


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