Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More pictures from Klickitat Wa....

This is sunrise looking East up the Columbia River Gorge, from Cape Horn. It was a beautiful morning, rain came in later in the day.

The Klickitat river, there were a lot of fishermen, salmon or steelhead running. Most of the fishermen were out on the Columbia River at the mouth of the Klickitat. This is rugged volcanic country, lots of rock.

More pretty fall colors.

A zoomed in picture of Mt. Hood. The area we were traveling it is in between Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams.

An old homestead barn. This barn is so neat looking and huge!

More Fall color, darn power lines, LOL.

Mt. Adams above this quaint little barn, this was all we could see of it later in the morning after the clouds came in, just its skirts, the snow is coming on both mountains.

Another cool barn, near Trout Lake, Wa.

I still have a lot more pictures to share, wild turkeys, we only seen 4 deer, didnt get pics of them.
Still have to post about our trip to the Pumpkin patch with the Guide Dogs club.


  1. It's definitely fall over your way! Beautiful. And the trip looked like a really good time!

  2. One of the nice things about blog world is we get to travel with our 'friends'. And we get to see things we could never really see as visitors.

    Thanks for the trip!


  3. Their sister, Deanna, is having the exact same problems-seems like it is in the litter. GDB says he is doing well on campus, but I have a feeling he will have problems again when he is off meds (for the 3rd time)..They don't really have an answer so far..Dougie has been on ID food for quite some time, so I don't know what we will try next! Frustrating isn't it? We also have a CC that we kept because she has Irritable bowel..Kim.


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